Exploring the all-new 2018 Nissan Kicks

The Nissan Kicks is considered to be an entry-level crossover SUV that is perfect for young millennials and singles who love the city-life but are super tech-savvy and adventurous. Learn more about the Nissan Kicks!

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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip in Your Nissan


Now that school is out, the possibility of a summer road trip can easily be an exciting idea or a stressful one. It’s officially that time of year and although planning a road trip can seem exhausting at just the thought, but we are here to say, don’t fret! We have compiled a quick list of tips!

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Go Green This Spring: Reduce Your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint


Are you interested in improving your environment? Are you one of those people who recycles everything and or looks for ways to live more environmentally friendly? Well did you know that you can do your due diligence with your vehicle as well? Your team and family at McDavid Nissan has compiled a short list of things you can do…

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Prep for Spring and Detail Your Nissan Like a Pro


Spring is officially here and rising temperatures in Houston call for a new approach to car care and maintenance. If you have ever winterized your Nissan, then we are sure you could use these tips to get your ride in tip top shape for the spring and summer season.

Wash & Wax Your Nissan

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Is Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle Technology Real?


In today’s day and age, everything is ruled by technology, including our vehicles which can operate autonomously for our safety and convenience. The Nissan brand is at the forefront of new developments in automobile technology so the idea of a car that can read your mind really that isn’t far-fetched. 

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