More Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for another super deal! I love the new truck!
Santos Espinosa
Dear Calvin:
My husband is so happy and excited with our new car. Thak you so much! I can't wait to get home and see it. We really appreciate everything you did!
Have a great day!!
I was in a bind and needed a new vehicle fast. Daniel did a wonderful job getting me into my new Jeep. I really appreciate the service Thanks- Patricia
Thanks Rafael. Love my new car! Erika
Hey Don,

After the first few days I already know that I own the greatest truck. 
Some say Nissan last for ever and I believe it too. Thanks for your excellent service. Keep up the good work you do




Hi Kevin,


The car is doing very well - I've driven it all week and simply love it. It was a perfect fit. Im very happy you decided to drive it off the stand.

My parents are returning from Africa in a few months and will both need vehicles. I gave them your card. Dwight & Cheri. My mother really likes the FX..and my dad will want a work horse for the commute downtown. They are crazier than I am, so please take care of them if they contact you.

Say hi every once in a while. Let me know how fabulous life if treating you.


Congratulations Wicks Family on the being the final I-Pad Winner! 3/31/2011

Dear Wiley Ellegan,
I am very pleased with my new car. I am grateful I have been given the chance to purchase a car through Nissan dealers. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the company. You did a great job in selling me a car that I truly enjoy. Thanks again.
Bianca Hernandez.


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 Reyna Sanchez March 28, 2011 Daily I-Pad Give Away Winner!!
I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the members of your Service Department. On 15 Feb while traveling from Fort Bliss Texas to Fort Rucker Alabama on a deadline - my loaded out 1991 Nissan pick-up became disabled and was towed to your service center. After hearing my plight your service team not only expedited the diagnostics of my vehicle provided me with a rental vehicle SQUEEZED ME IN when they didn't have to and ultimately took incredible care of me - they did ALL of this with a SMILE and thanked me for my military service at the end of the evening.This type of service to the customer has been the exception in my experience - but you can bet that if ever there is an opportunity for me to provide a recommendation for a Nissan service department in Houston Texas it will be for yours.It is with my most sincere thanks and appreciation that I offer this rendering of events.

humbly Joe Klapperich US Army

Don Brooks at McDavid Nissan in Houston Tx, listened to our needs and provided us with the information that we needed to make our purchase. He also provided us with valuable information about the services provided by Nissan and made us feel like valuable customers.
Jaime Wilcox

I would rate the dealership 100% for Overall Experience. In fact I would say 100% for everything!
James Harper

Don Brooks;
Thank you. It is very pleasant there. You guys seem to have a great sense of humor and I like that!
Rozella Black

Don Demerson,
I really do love my new Nissan Rogue. Thank you for your help and wonderful sharing stories. God bless you and your family. I will keep in touch. It was a pleasure buying my auto from you.....Maxwell Mooney

Hello Don Brooks,

I love my car. I have received nothing but compliments, all except one guy.
He liked the loaner better. Oh well.
My parking space at work is the first lot by the entrance door, so everyone
coming in and out of the building will see it. I have total strangers coming
to my office to compliment the car.

Don, I want you to know that mostly all people I know dread dealing with car
salesmen. I have had a great experience dealing with you on this purchase.
Cut and dry. Running around looking for a better deal was not in my
schedule. I love that I was able to deal with just one person. As they say,
the early bird gets the worm. You were the first salesman to call me after I
listed the request online. I received many calls immediately after I spoke
to you, offering me a better deal. Your professionalism and persistence won
me over. I hope that Nissan has more salesmen like you. Heaven forbid you
should ever leave.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. I know I will, in my new ride. :-)


Carmen M Magana

Thank you for your attention and kindness you gave to me, you made me
feel so special by listen to me and providing details about the
automobile i was interesting. Daniel it was my pleasure to do business
with you and mcdavid. Thank you so much.

I recently took my truck in for service.There were some recalls and some other work I wanted done.I met with Ronnie Teer and he took down all the information and promised to call if anything arose.Not only did he keep me informed of what was found but also fixed it and had it back to me in less than 2 days.You have a very friendly and professional staff that truly know how to take care of thier customers.|
Ben Lattier

Hi Joe,

it was nice to hear from u.i m really pleased about the service n the concernt shown by the each one of u towards the customer querries.....

i m really happy to say that the promt response of the customer services..

once again thank u very much


Roberto Escalera:
Thank you!!! I am so glad to have gotten to know you...buying a vehicle
has always been the "worst" experience for us until we met you. Thank
you soooo much for all you have done for us. If I can ever help you
with anything let me know.

Ana Romero

A special thanks to you for all your help. I have never had the level of
"assistance" that you provided during this buy. Your patience, expertise and
assistance only reflex the concern and care of your dealership for its

I will be sure to tell all about McDavid and you.


Dear Rafa:

I have always admired your personal attention that you give to each client we send over. You know I pray that the Lord honor you without measure & shaken together & overflow with triple your blessings. I loved the way that you dealt with us
I just wanted to let you know about my experience at McDavid Nissan.
Pedro Mata

My salesperson's name is Brad Walker and he made buying a car fun and easy. He was very informative and patient and I really appreicate how he didn't mind going the extra mile. I will be returning in the future.

Thank you


I just purchased a 2010 Jeep Patriot from McDavid Nissan on the Gulf Freeway in Houston -- and I'd like to pass along my commendation to your sales staff in particular to Mr. Don Brooks and Mr. Daniel Delgadillo. My original contact was with Mr. Brooks in Nww Vehicles and when he understood that my interest was in a used vehicle he graciously brought me to Mr. Delgadillo in Pre-owned. Mr. Delgadillo was attentive to me knew his present and projected inventory and did not push me in any particular direction -- and didn't take it personally if I didn't want a vehicle he showed me. He personally walked me over to see each vehicle as I decided that one he had "on paper" warranted a closer look. He had no comments as I inspected the vehicle to my satisfaction but instead answerred any question I posed. He was also courteous to my wife -- treated her comments and questions with respect. I finally settled on the Patriot and the negotiation process was reasonable and respectful. This was in sharp contrast to the saleman at Champion Ford (next door) who first showed me a vehicle but when I came back the next day with my wife just pointed us towords it and let us wander around the lot for 10 minutes before we went to fetch him -- then seemed to be bothered that we had to have him walk us over to it and he couldn't help three other people at once and/or jaw-bone with his buddies. Needless to say we didn't return to Champion...even though the truck I looked at seemed to be a good deal and I probably would've bought it.|

Dean Koepke





Good morning Rafael,
Finally, I got your email. We are  all good, sorry I changed jobs back in November of last year and have not updated any email addresses. I am working again and this is my new email.
The Altima is running good, no complaints. The only thing I had to do with it was change out the battery, other than that it has been running really well. I am just about to hit 30k miles and will be bringing it in for the oil change and maintenance. I have been on a regular schedule on the maintenance with the car. Thanks for all your help on my purchase and like I said we are very pleased.
Also, my husband has a friend who now wants to purchase a Nissan for his wife. If they decide to start looking I will definitely give h im your name and store location.
Thanks again,
A very satisfied customer.
Gina S
Overall a great experience. There was a small scratch on the vehicle at time of delivery but the manager, Joel Olivares, got it handled from me. My Finance Manager, Moses was very helpful in helping me decide the best way to purchase my new truck. My salesman, Alex was wonderful. I would recomend McDavid Nissan to everyone.
Drake Creete
Thank you for calling me about my lease this week! I did swing by and Rafael Chavez helped get me in to a new vehicle. He was very informative and the whole deal went through smoothly and only took about 45 minutes start to finish. I got to spend the rest of the day out and about showing off my new car! Thank you again!
Theresa Smart
Hi Erika: 
Thanks! I got a new car and your attention to me is really fantastic, and I want to
tell you: thanks and you are an excelent saleswoman.
Julio Lopez

Don Brooks:
They all really worked with me to try to get my payments where I wanted them. They did an excellent job.
Donna McDaniel 8/24/2010
They were very courteous. I think the thing that I like th most is they were flexiable with my schedule on coming in. I just think that they are awesome; everyone was nice. Everything was in place when I came in. No gimmicks they were straight to the point with me. I like that it was a good experience.
Raven Hutton 8/20/2010
Marcus Williams:
They gave me good service
Jimmy Collier 8/14/2010
Don Brooks:
Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your hard work.  I really appreciate the effort and the time that you took in order to place me  into a much safer situation.  
thanks again,
Mary Goss 9/4/2010
I wanted to write and let you know that I did come in this weekend and worked with Mr. Walker. He was very helpful and dealing with him was a very pleasant experience. He gave me al the info that I needed without all the high pressure sales tactics. I will be in next week to purchase from you guys. Thank you and Mr. Walker again.
You sold me the Armada yesterday? and THANK YOU!!! I can realy enjoy this one moe because of the car buying experience? truly.. You did it for me. Have a Great Weekend!
I recently purchased a car from David McDavid and enjoyed the entire experience. The employees were all more than willing to answer any and every question I had. They did things in a promt mannerly fashion. I'm delighted with my new vehicle and I'd recommend any to purchase their next vehicle from this dealership.
Tiffany K. 5/19/2010
My sales consultant, Mr. Conner, has been extremely professional and very attentive. He has gone out of his way to make sure everything was more than satisfactory, even well after the sale. Overall, an excellent job.
Brian Miller - 4/2010
My wife and I went to purchase a Rogue from McDavid Nissan yesterday and it was the most straight forward experience we have had in purchasing a vehicle. We went to several dealerships around Houston and McDavid nissan was the only one that actually greeted us when we were getting out of the car. We explained to our sales consultant Rafael what we were looking for and what our budget was. He brought the vehicle to us and gave us a price that fit our budget and affordable to us. We were in an out of there in a couple of hours. I would recommend McDavid Nissan to anyone and everyone.
Ryan Wendt  3/8/2010
I went to the new car showroom and worked with Robert Kelly. He was amazing, took his time with me, walked me through the whole process and got me a new Altima at a fair price. If you want to be treated right go see Robert, i would reccomend him to anyone...
Denise 1/31/2010
My job, I'm a manager. I manage about 25 people for a company called Hagemeyer. We deal with customer service quite a bit. My sales guy, his name is Michael Conner. He is one of the best customer service individuals that I've ever met in my entire life. He really speaks conducts himself well. He is very cordial, humanistic and authentic. He is just a great individual and I want to say that I typically don't take the time to write these kind of things. However, I think when someone is really exceptional you should really let them know how wonerful they are. Other than that, you guys are great to deal with. I love Nissan, the car is great. I think you guys make things so easy. The service work is great also. Everything about you guys, I just like it. I think I'll be a Nissan guy, really.
Stanley Cloud 1/7/2010
Jennifer, I purchased a 2008 Nissan Versa, financed through Nissan Finance, and would like to report to you and Nissan that the safety features of the Versa saved my life. I had a head-on collision with a steel light pole and walked away unharmed. The airbag and engineering features certainly saved my life. Thanks for Nissan's Engineering and your sales of a safe product.
Best Regards,
George Niswanger
I was looking for a murano via internet. Their internet team was quick to respond to my internet request for the murano. Jennifer was extremly helpful with the knowledge of the car. We set up an appt for a particular vehicle and when I got there it was a quick process. I was in and out of there with in two hours with my new murano. There was not any haggling or pressure into purchasing. My finance manager, Moses was helpful in setting up the warranties that best suited me. I would recommend this dealership's internet department to anyone who is looking for a a great deal on a new or even pre-owned vehicle. Their staff is cordial and pleasant to work with.
Mayal Lee 1/19/2009
They were very patient with me and worked with me on all my visits till I made my purchase.
Ray Tobar 1/4/2010
I went down there to purchase a pathfinder and the salesman was very helpfull. I feel I got a great deal and was treated with respect. The salesman wasn't pushing me to buy something I didn't want either. His name is Mark Daniel. I would refer him to anyone looking for a new nissan.
Lisa Haines 4/4/2008
 I am a magnet for uninsured drivers.  That being said, the one accident I've been in where the driver actually had insurance led me to David McDavid's Body Shop.  They had to replace the entire bumper of my Honda Civic and did it in less than a week.  They were efficient, fast, and I didn't have to worry about a thing.
Lisa O. 9/12/2007
David McDavid Automotive Group is a good dealership. They have nice selection of cars. They have good agents here. they have a large variety if cars. have a large stock of cars. They will give you good deals. they have a lots of used cars also. They customer service is good here . They have a nice location. I will recommend them.