Nissan 370z for Sale Near Houston, TX

The 2018 Nissan 370z shopping process starts with David McDavid Nissan. A design more than 45 years in the making. It's a living legend. With the emphasis on living. The iconic lines, low center of gravity, wide track, & short wheelbase give it that unmistakable, instantly recognizable profile. The 370Z employs a three-layer design philosophy that makes you feel completely connected the instant you sit down. Make sure to browse our inventory to double check what 370z we are currently carrying. From the Information Layer, you see everything at a glance: the windshield pillar has been minimized to improve outward vision, an oval steering wheel with large gauges enhances viewing, & gauges that adjust with the steering column are always easy to see. The Holding Layer helps hold you in place during spirited driving with anti-slip material on the seat cushions & integrated knee pads on both sides of the center console. The uniquely bolstered driver's seat provides enhanced support. At the Operation Layer, everything is easily reached and operated: the center console controls are shaped to be identifiable by touch, the low center armrest cover facilitates shifting, and the "kidney-shaped" steering wheel rim fits your hands to connect you directly to the 370Z. You just might want to drive your 370Z endlessly, & you're going to need proper back support to do it. Lumbar support is standard, and the Touring Edition offers adjustable lumbar support and heated seats. The rear cargo area offers plenty of open space for the important things in life - like golf clubs. An available retractable cargo cover helps keep things out of sight. Inside the cabin, clever built-in storage means everything has a place, and a hidden compartment behind the passenger's seat helps conceal valuables.

New Nissan 370z Key Features from David McDavid Nissan Texas

The Nissan 2018 370z transmission, it also works when upshifting to give you seamless acceleration. The 370Z is powered by a 332-horsepower, 3.7-liter V6. The engine features Variable Valve Event & Lift (VVEL®) technology that continuously tunes valve timing for quicker response and optimal fuel efficiency. All this engineering may sound intriguing on paper, but the exhilaration from idle to the 7,500-rpm redline is pure magic. A low center of gravity and a wide stance give it ultra-responsive handling & enhanced cornering. The relatively short wheelbase and overall length of the 370Z make for incredible maneuverability. But you still need to stop, so the most powerful 370Z Coupe ever has available 14" front rotors and the gripping power of 4-piston front calipers. All 370Z models feature zero front lift. If you're after even more performance, go with the Sport model. It includes a lower front chin aero deflector and rear spoiler for zero rear lift. To harness all 332 hp, our engineers enhanced the design and material composites for key rotating components. Get pre-approved today for your new 2018 Nissan 370z. The available 19" RAYS® forged alloy wheels feature a new design, & are stronger and lighter than typical cast wheels. And the reduced-rotating mass on the lighter, incredibly strong carbon-fiber composite driveshaft helps the engine rev more quickly. Available SynchroRev Match technology monitors the clutch, shift lever, and vehicle speed so that when you downshift, the system "blips" the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift.  If you want more traditional performance, you can turn the system off with the touch of a button. & for 2018, every Z® with a manual transmission enjoys a new EXEDY® high-performance clutch, for reduced pedal effort and enhanced precision and control.An available 7-speed automatic transmission gives you the best of a manual and an automatic - a wide spread of gearing for heart-pounding acceleration, while still providing improved efficiency and quiet cruising at higher speeds. Synonymous with passion, expertise, and especially the height of Nissan performance. NISMO puts its all into everything they build, from championship-winning racecars and accessories for street cars, to one of the world's most desirable sports cars. With bumped-up power and pumped-up handling, the 2018 Nissan 370z has been transformed into a sports car singularly worthy of being branded 370Z NISMO. Schedule a a test drive of the new 370z now.

* New Nissan 370z Auto Repair + Parts

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) & and Traction Control System (TCS)

VDC can reduce engine power and apply brake pressure to specific wheels - when it detects oversteer or understeer. Working with VDC, TCS can sense rear-wheel spin and reduce throttle to help keep you on your steered path. Ask a tech about VDC.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

When you need to stop in a hurry, the Anti-lock Braking System pumps the brakes faster than you possibly can, helping to prevent wheel lockup and maintain steering control. Brakes performance is key.

Brake Assist & Electronic Brake force Distributio

Should you ever need to hit the brakes hard, Brake Assist will help you come to a quicker stop by applying maximum braking force. If you've got cargo in the trunk, EBD will detect the added weight, and send extra force to the rear brakes.

Nissan Advanced Air Bag System

Nissan's Advanced Air Bag System includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt sensors and an occupant classification sensor. Their inflation rate adjusts based on crash severity and seat belt usage.

Automatic Headlights

Automatic On/Off Headlights respond to light conditions outside, turning on or off when necessary, and leaving you to concentrate on the road ahead.

Front-seat Active Head Restraints

Front-seat Active Head Restraints help reduce the chances of whiplash injuries to front-seat occupants by moving up and forward during certain rear-end collisions.

Supplemental Air Bags

Built into the front seats, side impact supplemental air bags move with you as you adjust your seating position. Above, roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags help provide head protection for outboard occupants.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When it comes to tire pressure, TPMS takes away the guesswork. Using an icon on your dash, the system notifies you when tires aren't properly inflated.